Rate My Horny Wife

Wanna fill my mouth with your load of semen while my wife makes a video?

Awesome, I wish it had been me, I would have offered to hold the camera.

Awesome! I fantisize about getting caught but takes a lot of nerve. Anyone ever get caught wanking by the hotel maid? Or anyone else for that matter? Super turn on with the anticipation and reaction! I'd a watched and filmed for ya! If the wife was with me, we would stay across the trail quietly fucking while watching. You guys are so hot to watch! What a cute couple. It doesn't get any more real than that. You two look great. Wish it was us that came up on you. ;-) It was bound to happen! Just call out "Play through!" and let 'em pass. Or stop. IF that were ME who caught you I'd offer to hold the camera for ya.Sexy couple!